Degrees: Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs (focused in Nonprofit Management) from the O'Neill School of Public Affairs at Indiana University- Bloomington.

Experience: Prior to starting at the Ferguson Crestmont Boys & Girls Club as a Program Director, Jade worked as a lead teacher at a local daycare and as the Engagement and Development Coordinator for Habitat for Humanity of Monroe County.

Favorite Quote: "When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed" Maya Angelou

Hobbies: Jade loves gardening, hiking, boating & spending any time outdoors on a warm day! She also spends most of her time with her three dogs (Mick, Dexter & Gemma) and her family.

Did you know?:  Jade LOVES coffee and drinks multiple cups daily! Throughout her collage years, she spent time at each Bloomington coffee shop, ranking their vanilla lattes.