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Who We Are

Welcome to the Boys & Girls Club of Bloomington.

We are an organization dedicated to serving the youth in our local community. We provide camps and programs during after school hours, holiday breaks and summer time. The cost for attendance is $20 per year.

We have three core program areas: Healthy Lifestyles, Academic Success, and Good Character & Active Citizenship.

We are a United Way Agency! Click here for more information.

We have three club locations throughout the Bloomington area.

Our main unit is located in Bloomington on Lincoln Street. We have our Crestmont Unit, where we serve those living in the Bloomington Housing Authority. We also have the Ellettsville Unit, located about 20 miles west of Bloomington, in the heart of downtown Ellettsville.

Member Eligibility Checklist

The purpose of this document is to promote positive and clear communication between staff and parent/guardians about membership at the Boys & Girls Club (BGC). In order to support the success and safety of all individuals registered and participating at the BGC, it is important that participants are indeed “Club ready.” To assist in determining if your child is “Club ready,” the following criteria have been developed:

  • Youth is able to participate in Club programs independently or with minor accommodations.
  • Youth is age 6-18 years old.
  • Participant is able to use the restroom independently or with minimal verbal prompting.
  • Youth is able to take direction and instruction from a staff person.
  • Youth is comfortable with, and able to interact in, a group environment. Youth can successfully participate in a group with an adult to child ratio of at least 1 to 20 (one adult to every twenty youth)
  • Youth interacts and participates in programs in a manner that is physically and emotionally safe for themselves and others.
  •  Youth does not require physical intervention for redirection, direction, assistance, or for any other reason.

If you believe that your child may not be ready, or have questions about the above, please feel free to schedule a meeting with the Unit Director or Director of Operations for clarification.