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A Marquee Fundraiser to Help Support Programming for Boys

Make plans to join the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington on
Thursday, October 22nd at 6:30 p.m. for the annual event:

Presented by: The Ken Nunn Law Office

This will be a VIRTUAL evening full of inspirational stories, music, and fun – through the eyes of our Club kids! This year, BOYS to MEN will be a little different. This night usually focuses on messages surrounding the impact and value of mentorship from distinguished guest speakers. This year, we want to focus on what is happening RIGHT NOW with our kids. You will see the Club through their eyes.

We operate in a whole new world…it is only fitting that this will be a whole new event experience! You will hear stories from Club kids on how programming is positively shaping their lives, even in the midst of one of the hardest times we have ever faced. You will see how the BOYS to MEN programming impacted the lives of kids during its first year of existence at the Club in 2019. Plus, you’ll take a virtual tour inside the Club to gain an understanding of what our kids see each and every day during these “new normal” times. You do not want to miss this entertaining and uplifting night!

  • An Event Ticket w/ No Dinner = $40.00 | Event Link
  • An Event Ticket w/ Dinner = $50.00 | Event Link + Dinner Ordering Link ($30.00 = Club, $20.00 = Restaurant)
  • 8-Person Watch Party w/ Dinner = $360.00 | Event Link + Eight Dinner Ordering Links ($200.00 = Club, $160.00 = Restaurant)

Event Ticket | An event link to the live program – which will showcase an hour full of inspirational stories, music, and fun
as you join us to see through the eyes of our Club kids!

Dinner | Purchasing a $50 Event Ticket, Watch Party or Sponsorship will include the option for dinner. This is your chance to support the Club AND a local restaurant! With these tickets, you will get your choice of meal to pick-up from one of our partners on the night of the event. Since COVID-19 is hitting the restaurant industry hard, we want to do something to help the restaurants who have always been there to support the Club. Instead of restaurants donating or discounting food for BOYS to MEN like in previous years, we are buying meals from them to lend a helping hand.
$20.00 of each ticket goes to the restaurant whose meal you choose. It’s a win-win-win for everyone!

By purchasing a ticket to this awe-inspiring virtual event, you are supporting the community in two key ways:

1.) You are making a donation to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington, and to the 350+ members we are serving EVERY DAY who are currently benefiting from our bold full-day Fall Programming initiatives.
You provide a safe childcare and e-Learning environment for kids and families who need us most during this pandemic.

2.) You are supporting local restaurants in our community who have been loyal supporters of the Club and our kids.
They need us now more than ever, and buying a ticket with food for BOYS to MEN supports them.
Plus, it enhances your virtual event experience!

While we wish we could be together in-person, we hope you consider supporting the Club by “attending” this event online!

“It is easier to build strong children than repair broken men.”  – Fredrick Douglass

A powerful and emotional program that directly impacts young males, BOYS to MEN is a group-focused program between carefully-screened adult men and young males that includes community service, field trips and effective mentoring practices.

"We create vibrant communities where men show up for boys to fulfill their natural role as makers of men."

The Purpose of BOYS to MEN

Each week, BOYS to MEN mentors show up to offer support to boys through healthy discussions. The group-based approach offers boys a variety of male role models who open up concerning the struggles all men combat. Through these mentoring practices, the boys develop a deeper trust and organically begin to support and mentor each other. It is in this controlled environment that they learn to express and understand how choices and outcomes can impact the lives of themselves and others.

The harsh reality that this program fights is that the number of boys who are growing up without a father or reliable male mentor in their life has now reached epidemic proportions. In fact, fatherless teenage boys have a higher than average risk of participating in crime, dropping out of school, and entering into the prison system before the age of 18. Thanks to BOYS to MEN, thousands of lives across the United States have been positively altered due to this powerful mentoring strategy that empowers teenage boys to grow responsibly.

"Mentoring in BOYS to MEN has changed my life. It gave me a chance to help teens talk and open up in a way I was never able to do as a teen. I think I have benefited as much as the boys."

BOYS to MEN | Adult Mentor


BOYS to MEN is an annual event where funds to support world-class programming opportunities (like BOYS to MEN) are raised through various avenues including ticket sales, sponsorships, a live auction component and a concluding fund-a-need. This specific event, typically held during the fall, has been a long-standing tradition for the Club since 2012, and is traditionally a
sold-out spectacle with nearly 300 people in attendance at the historic Lincoln Street Club – the original home of
the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington.

During the business-casual event, various community male leaders spearhead a panel-style discussion, which focuses on the importance of positive guidance and mentorship to young men in today’s world. The event also includes a buffet-style dinner with dessert along with fellowship.

Originally billed “Man Up to Make a Difference,” this unique event was initially launched back on May 23, 2012, with guest speakers Steve Zeller and then-Indiana University Director of Athletics, Fred Glass. Since that time, more than 25 others have passionately supported this important fundraiser for the Club. In 2019, the event was re-branded to reflect the updated programmatic messaging of BOYS to MEN’s mentoring program. The Club first initiated BOYS to MEN programming in the Fall of 2019 with carefully chosen teens from the Richland-Bean Blossom Community School Corporation – some of which were already Club members – and influential male mentors from the community, including the Club’s Executive Director, Jeff Baldwin.

In 2020, the COVID-19 Pandemic is forcing BOYS to MEN to be a virtual event for the first-time in the event’s history. Despite the virtual circumstances, the event will focus on a day in the life of Club members as they learn to embrace the “new normal” of a COVID-19 world inside the Club’s walls.

I don’t know what would have happened to me if I wasn’t taken in, but if I wasn’t mentored and cared for the way the way that I was when I was young – I do know that I wouldn’t be sitting here today. It is my responsibility to now give back and mold tomorrow’s leaders.

Angel Escobedo

Indiana University Head Wrestling Coach + 2019 BOYS to MEN Panelist


Tom Allen

Damon Bailey

Quinn Buckner

Tom Crean

Angel Escobedo

Fred Glass

Jeremy Gray

Bob Hammel

Jack Harbaugh

Josh James

Ken Kazcmarek

Ray Looze

Bill Mallory

Wendy Miller

Jim Morris

Ken Nunn

Bobby Plump

Ron Remak

Ike Redden

Ed Schilling

Brent Slinkard

Errek Suhr

Anthony Thompson

Todd Yeagley

Steve Zeller