Dedicated to Advancing Support & Enthusiasm for the Ellettsville Club

The Ellettsville Council for Youth (ECY) has been serving the town of Ellettsville and the Richland-Bean Blossom Community by supporting the Ellettsville Boys & Girls Club since 2008. The group originated as an advisory committee when the Ellettsville Club was first launched.

The ECY is a committed group of dedicated individuals comprised of parents, community leaders and local educators with the purpose of meeting the needs of the Ellettsville Club and promoting the Club’s mission throughout the Ellettsville community.

 Each year, the ECY organizes the Big Hearts Campaign – which is a community fundraiser that annually raises over $65,000 to support the Ellettsville Club. Additionally, the group executes the Club Heroes Golf Marathon each July and also hosts community cultivation events such as the Big Hearts Luncheon. Finally, the ECY serves as the primary cultivation arm of the Ellettsville Club by fostering partnerships between the Club and local businesses while promoting the Club’s mission and work in the town of Ellettsville and surrounding community.

The Ellettsville Council for Youth

Nick Ackerman

Sabrina Brant

Pauli Escobedo

Brandi Hamilton

Nathan Williamson

Jeff Baldwin

Emily Chester

Mike Farmer 

Madalyn McKenney Moorman

Laura Blaker

Brett Day

Ira Fish

Pam Thompson

Eric Yandl

Get Involved & Join the Ellettsville Council for Youth

The ECY meets monthly on the third Monday of each month at 6:00 p.m. virtually.

To inquire about the ECY, or if you would like to attend a meeting – please contact Tyler Nelson to learn more!