Kylie’s Story

Read about Kylie’s experience with the Boys & Girls Club.


The Amazing Kylie looked at the path ahead of her. It was winding and unfamiliar, but she felt up to the task. After all, The Amazing Kylie can handle anything by being the most caring, productive, responsible, respectful, and safe superhero around. Dah dah-dah DAHHH!

The Amazing Kylie is the alter ego of mild-mannered member Kylie. For an activity in homeroom, real-life Kylie created The Amazing Kylie, who advances toward her final battle at villain tower when her alter ego shows behavior that aligns with the Boys & Girls Club values of being caring, productive, responsible, respectful, and safe.

Mild-mannered Kylie has not always been so mild-mannered. Sometimes she had trouble behaving, and that had been a barrier for her at the Club. But for this little girl, more than any other member, seeing herself as a superhero with value-based goals turned her attitude around. These days, Kylie can be seen zooming around the Club to help others, clean up, and show respect. BAM! KAPOW! FLASH! She even won the Member of the Month Award for displaying the Club’s values – how super!