We Serve Hot Meals Each Week at the Ferguson Crestmont Club

For many children at the Ferguson Crestmont Club, it is likely that this hot meal may be the only solid meal they receive for the entire weekend. This is a very critical effort at the Club.

Friday Meals

Did you know the Auxiliary provides a hot meal, with leftovers packaged and sent home for the weekend, to ALL Ferguson Crestmont members every Friday? For many participating children, this may be the only solid meal they receive for the entire weekend, therefore this is a very critical effort. A big THANK YOU to Auxiliary member, Jaimie Schwartzman, who kept this important tradition alive when the Club went from serving 40 meals each week at our previous location to now more than 100 in our new facility. This year, it is anticipated that the Club will serve more than 6,000 hot meals through this outreach program. Jaimie and the Auxiliary enlist the help of outside volunteer groups while soliciting funds for weekly meal sponsors to ensure this essential function of the Club continuous, despite the youth-in-need number increasing significantly. The cost to sponsor a single week of meals is $350 and each week, as many as six (6) volunteers are needed to serve food.

Please contact Jaimie if you are interesting in volunteering and/or sponsoring a week.