Degrees: Bachelors of Arts: Psychology - Indiana University

Experience: Andi started out as a volunteer in the 6th grade homeroom of Lincoln Street in 2019. She started her YDP journey in 2020 and worked as an AmeriCorps staff, an Academic Success Intern, a Break Camps Coordinator, and an Assistant Membership Desk Coordinator for 4 years before moving up as the Academic Success Director. She also worked for 3 summers out at Camp Rock as a full-time counselor, shoutout to the Fast Chickens & Clovers, best summers of her life!
Favorite Quote: "Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always." -Robin Williams
Hobbies: Andi enjoys playing tennis, cooking, Pinterest board making & Goodwill shopping!
Did you know?:  Andi wanted to be a doctor before finding her passion for Youth Work at The Club. She switched her major 4 years into her degree. Her time at Lincoln Street has changed her entire life!