Our Team

Jeff Baldwin
Executive Director
Degree: Bachelors of Arts in Education, Western Michigan University

Experience: Jeff worked for 14 years in public and private education in Bloomington at Monroe County Community School Corporation and St. Charles, spent 12 years as a small business owner, and now 8 years as Executive Director of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington.

Favorite Quote: “All children will impact this community in one way or another.”-Anonymous

Hobbies: Jeff enjoys sports, hunting/fishing, being a handyman, and helping kids realize their potential.

Did You Know?: Jeff cries with pride every time he sings the National Anthem.

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Leslie Abshier
Resource Development Director

Degree: Masters of Public Affairs with a concentration in Fund Development & Nonprofit Management, Masters Certificate in Social Entrepreneurship & Bachelors of Science in Public Affairs, Indiana University – Bloomington.

Experience: Leslie spent three summers in college as a Head Teacher for a day-camp program responsible for 60 children ages 5 to 12, ran and acted as a counselor for a summer camp, worked 2 years in full-time ministry, spent 2 years as Development Director at LIFEDesigns, and has been the Resource Development Director for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington since 2014.

Favorite Quote: “Be the same person when no one is watching as you are when everyone is watching.”-Anonymous 

Hobbies:  Leslie has lived in Bloomington since 2005 and is very active in the community as the Vice President of the Prospect Hill Neighborhood Association, Vice President of BNI Bloomington One Chapter, Advisory Member of the Bloomington Historic Preservation Commission, and Marketing Committee Chair for hYPe, the Bloomington Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals group. Leslie has been married to her husband Chris, a lifelong Btown resident, for 6 years. They like to fix-up their 100 year old house, go antiquing/to flea markets, attend IU sporting events of all kinds, watch the Colts play football, visit the Farmer’s Market, and are very involved in their local church, Genesis.

Did you know?:  Leslie loves to have family dance parties in the living room.

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Jeigh Hockersmith
Director of Operations


Degree: Bachelors of Arts in Health and Fitness, Purdue University

Experience: Jeigh worked at the Boys & Girls Club of Montgomery County for almost 11 years after graduating from college. She spent the first two years as a Program Director and was then promoted to Unit Director. Jeigh worked for almost 4 years at the City of Bloomington in the Parks and Recreation Department before being hired on as the Director of Operations at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington.

Favorite Quote: “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” Howard Thurman

Hobbies: Camping, hiking, spending time with family and friends, cooking, gardening, road trips, reading, listening to music

Did You Know?: Jeigh spent a month living in a tent at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Ranch in Woodbourne, New York

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Neil Smith
Lincoln Street Unit Director
Degree: Bachelors of Science in Secondary EducationExperience: Before coming to the Bloomington Club, Neil was a Social Studies Teacher at Many Farms High School on a Navajo Reservation, and a Social Rec Coordinator through the Americorps program. Neil started as the Teen Coordinator at the Lincoln Street Unit and is now the Unit Director at our Lincoln Street Unit. Neil has been with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington since 2011.Favorite Quote: “Team work, making the dream work.”-AnonymousHobbies: Neil enjoys playing music, hiking, wrestling with dogs, cooking, and riding bikes.Did You Know?: Neil has 3 dogs and 2 cats.
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Jon York
Ferguson Crestmont Unit Director 

Degree: TBD



Favorite Quote:


Did You Know?:

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Tabitha Cassani
Ellettsville Unit Director

Lauren Hong
Ferguson Crestmont Unit Program Director

Info coming soon!
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Jack Laskey
Camp and Program Director
Degree: Bachelors of Science in Media Management, Ohio UniversityExperience: Jack has five years experience working with youth in Outdoor Education and After School settings. He began working at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington in 2013.Favorite Quote: “Let the wild rumpus start!” – Where The Wild Things AreHobbies: Jack enjoys music, camping, and riding bikes.Random fact about yourself: Many weekend you can find Jack playing banjo for square dances around the Bloomington area!
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Adam Bauer

Ellettsville Unit Program Director

DegreesBachelors of Science in Applied Health Sciences & Human Development from IU-HPER


Bachelors of Arts in Developmental Psychology & Neuroscience from IU-Psychological & Brain Sciences

National Board certified Clinical Massage Therapist

ExperienceAnn has worked for 30 years in the field of education, youth programming and athletic training.  She also worked as a professional performing artist in the circus for 15 years, eventually directing traditional tent shows and running a professional circus school in Europe.  She brought successful circus programs to the Boys & Girls Clubs here in Bloomington for the past 4 years and this is her first year in a full-time position.

Favorite Quote: “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” – Jackie Robinson

Hobbies: Ann enjoys doing puzzles, playing board games, euchre and cribbage, listening to all sorts of music and watching movies with my kiddo. And, of course, teaching circus arts to a new generation of performers!

Did you know?: Ann holds a circus world record for the heaviest catch ever made by a woman on the flying trapeze?  She caught 210lb “Little” Ray Valentine, Jr. doing a flyaway!

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Jaci Kiktavy
Resource Development Associate




Favorite Quote: 


Did You Know?: 

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Lynn Waugh
Fundraising Events Coordinator

Degree: Bachelor’s in Marketing/Advertising, Indiana University, Bloomington


Experience: Amy worked as Advertising Director for the Indiana Daily Student for 13 years, then 3 1/2 years with Monroe County YMCA Association, most recently as Director of Member Services and helped launch the new NW branch.  She joined the Boys & Girls Club in March of 2014.

Favorite Quote: “Two paths in a woods diverged.  I took the one less traveled, and that has made all the difference.”

Hobbies: Amy is very active with the Exchange Club of Northside Bloomington, and enjoys scuba diving, reading.

Did You Know?: Amy is a former EMT.

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Wendy Milligan
Accounting Director