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Ellettsville Council for Youth

Serving the town of Ellettsville and the Richland Bean Blossom Community.

The Ellettsville Council for Youth (ECY) has been serving the town of Ellettsville and the Richland Bean Blossom Community by supporting the Boys & Girls Clubs of Bloomington – Ellettsville Unit since 2008 when it originated as an advisory council that launched the Ellettsville Club. The Council is a committed group of parents, community members and local educators dedicated to meeting the needs of the Ellettsville Club and promoting the Club’s mission in the community.

The Council organizes the Big Hearts Fundraising Campaign which raises over $50,000 for the Ellettsville Club annually. ECY also supports Club events and programs, fosters partnerships between the Club and other local organizations and businesses, and promotes and publicizes the Club’s mission and work in the town of Ellettsville and the Richland Bean Blossom community.

ECY is currently in need of dedicated and passionate community members and parents interested in joining the council to further support the Ellettsville Unit.


• Ashley Burns

• Regina Burns

• Bill Buxton

• James Clark

• Richard Crider

• Brett Day

• Mike Farmer

• Brandi Hamilton

• Meghan Mann

• Brittany McKee

• Sara Mobley

• Nate Myers

• Jerry Pittsford

• Kim Rohlfing

• Mark Ryan

• Michelle Stuckey

ECY meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 6:15pm at the Ellettsville Club. Please contact Oscar Gonzalez, our Ellettsville Unit Director, at (812) 332-5311 for more information and to learn how you can become involved!

If you believe that your child may not be ready, or have questions about the above, please feel free to schedule a meeting with the Unit Director or Director of Operations for clarification.