Degrees: BA in Journalism and Mass Communication from St. Bonaventure University. MA in English Literature from CUNY Brooklyn College

Experience: Before going to graduate school for writing and literature, David was a writer for the web, covering film, comic books, and the publishing industry. Afterward, he taught composition, comic books, creative writing, and filmmaking at a small environmental college in my hometown in Northern New York (near the border with Canada). When he moved to Bloomington, he went to work for a healthcare nonprofit where he taught clients mental health coping mechanisms.
Favorite Quote:  Where David is from in far upstate New York-- winter starts around Halloween and goes until May--there's a local saying he uses as his motto, "There's no such thing as bad weather, just bad gear, and bad attitudes."  This motto is handy when you're biking home in a torrential downpour here in Bloomington.
Hobbies: He enjoys reading everything from philosophy to commercial nonfiction and fiction to comic books, as well as hiking, swimming, and riding around town on his bike.
Did you know?:  More often than not, you will probably find David riding one of two e-bikes with his two kids-- or going back and forth from home to the Lincoln Street club.