An Outreach Program Initiative for Club Members

Chess is not about Chess. Chess is a metaphor for life.
Over a Chess board, children learn life skills: making choices, taking turns, winning & losing, considering options, patience, learning from defeat, critical thinking, playing by the rules, planning and situtational analysis.

Castles Chess Club

Chess has become more popular than ever before at the Ferguson Crestmont Club! With special thanks to Michael May and Ann St. John, this program is accessible to ALL youth within the Club. Not only do Michael and Ann serve as Chess Volunteers, but their financial support of the Crestmont Castles allows for a year’s worth of staffing and programmatic operations. More than 50 kids participated in 2018 with six representing the Club at a Chess Competition!

Additional Opportunities

The Club also addresses academic achievement in many of our over 70 programs including art clubs (photography, drama MusicMakers, etc.), technology and STEM clubs (Club Tech {pictured}, Robotics Club, ActiviTeens, etc.), and many others! These educational programs supplement our standard of educational programs by allowing our members the opportunity to develop skills well-beyond what they are expected to achieve in school, and it helps build our Club Kids into strong children.

Interested in volunteering for Chess Club? Contact Ferguson Crestmont Unit Director, Jeigh Hockersmith, at (812) 332-5311 x.231. For donations to support Chess Club or any other of the programming offered at the Club, please contact Leslie Abshier, Resource Development Director, at (812) 332-5311 x.213.