Annual Awards

April is a busy month for the Boys and Girls Club. The Club was busy preparing for several

events, such as the Big Hearts Campaign, National Boys & Girls Club week, fundraising

through the annual Pancake Breakfast, and the annual BGCE Awards show, which rewards members for

their outstanding contributions to the club through various activities. In preparation for the award

show, staff took the time to consider members who consistently show CPRRS while at the club,

as well as exceed in different programs offered. We had the privilege of nominating members for

various awards that involve Triple Play activities. Among these awards was the Ginger Rink

Memorial Sports Attitude award, which recognizes a member who “embodies the spirit of

sportsmanship.” This year’s award was given to a well-deserving member. Alayna F. Alayna is

constantly proving to be a great role model, not only during active games, but throughout her

entire time at the Boys & Girls Club. What made this most memorable was that Alayna had

been recognized for her achievement in front of the entire club, at our weekly Monday meetings.

She received the award and shortly after asked for a hug and thanked us for the award. We are

happy to see that she knows she is appreciated!